Working in this environment can be very demanding but it is also most rewarding because it has taught me to think outside the box, and to see things from different angles, which is extremely important to succeed in today’s competitive professional world.

So here’s a small sample of what I’ve done:

At Touro College’s Graduate School of Technology

Touro College Graduate School of Technology Responsive Website

Responsive Website

For desktop, tablet and phone

Touro GST Web and Multimedia Design Program Branding

Web & Multimedia Design Program Branding

Logo, brochure and viewbook

Touro GST Brand at Event

Event Marketing

Table cloth, brochures, table displays, promotion giveaway items, roll up banner and sign up landing page for recruiters

Digital Multimedia Design

Digital Multimedia Design Program

Brochure, viewbook & poster

And As a freelancer

AK Studio Stationary

AK Studio Films Stationary

Logo, envelope, letterhead and business card

New Vista Consultants Stationary

New Vista Consultants


Bumperduo Responsive Website


Entire brand creation with responsive website

Bumperduo Responsive Website


Using Hebrew letters to create the visual meaning of the last name

As a Student

Portrait Retouching

Photo Retouching

Before & after

Lounge Music CD

CD Cover Design

Lounge Music

Comic Illustration

Comic Illustration

Wonder Woman

NYC Street Photography

Street Photography

Citi bikes in NYC

Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography


Action Photography

Action Photography

Parrot bathing

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Showing different states of emotion

Moview Subway Ad

Movie Subway Ad

For an HBO Documentary on Holocaust

3D Modeled City

3D Modeled City

Using Maya based on Yokohama, Japan cityscape. Created after just 1 animation course, during a 7 week intense summer schedule.

Birthday Card Design

Card Design

Entirely handmade birthday present to a sushi lover. Number 3 is raised and partially cut with x-acto knife. The transparent paper with soy sauce lifts to reveal a personalized poem.

Public Service Announcement

Anti bullying campaign

Science Fiction Art

Sci Fi Art

Sleepy monster